Is Medical Marijuana a Valuable Treatment Method?


For so many years, the US has restricted the use of marijuana despite of the various studies that proves the plant contains many benefits in treating certain diseases including glaucoma and cancer. Not only that, the drug has less long term adverse effects and less addictive properties compared to using tobacco and alcohol combined. And as we know, these are two products that are legal for adult use in US.

Due to these facts, the movement for legalizing pot in the US has gained the momentum it needs for the past twenty years. The utilization of marijuana for medical reasons is legal currently in 11 states including California. These states haven’t legalized the use of medical marijuana but only for those people who are suffering from conditions that are proven to be helped by using cannabis. These patients are now capable of getting such drugs legally.

Before these laws are passed, there are a lot of patients who do suffer from terminal or chronic diseases required to engage in criminal behavior to be able to get the product that relives various unpleasant daily symptoms, especially vomiting and nausea. In other instances, these patients have been prosecuted for buying cannabis HIV.

There are a lot of people who are considering the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes as a step of getting into the right direction, particularly in countries that have overly repressive attitude in this drug. Despite the fact that marijuana is legal in different countries worldwide, the tax dollars accumulated from legal buying as well as selling of pot are used in stimulating the economy, countless of American politicians refused to get into the bandwagon.

This might be due to fear that crime rates would rise if the drug becomes more accessible or the fact that it’s considered as an opening for youngsters to enter the world of drugs. Either way, selling and buying pot has remained to be a crime and is punishable by prison.

At the moment, the legalization of medical marijuana appears to be a decision that a lot of states live with. Aside from the acknowledged benefits that cannabis for IBS has got to offer, cannabis bought from marijuana dispensaries through doctor’s prescription can bring in additional revenue to the state. The available drugs from dispensaries are of higher quality and at the same time, locally produced, which provides added benefit to the state that have legalized it.


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